Install ac1900 Nighthawk Access Point
Install ac1900 Nighthawk Access Point
In this documents we will know how to install AC 1900 Nighthawk Access Point.

How to Install ac1900 Nighthawk Access Point

  • Nighthawk Access Point ac1900 receives data by wired Ethernet and converts to a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless signals.
  • First of all unbox your Nighthawk and connect its antennas and stands.
  • Then you need to connect a Ethernet cord between your main router or modem router to your access point (Nighthawk).
  • Make sure you know that your access point does not work as a router.
  • Now you can connect your access point to power and wait for the power light to turn green and then you need a wireless device on which you can connect to your access point network (Netgear_EXT).
  • Once connected you need to get on on your browser and follow the onscreen steps.
  • You need to first select access point for the configuration. Then you can configure your wifi settings on your access point i.e wifi name and wifi password. Once done you can connect your wireless device to your new access point network.
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