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I want to launch a new extender setup using webpage. How can I do that?

This method of new extender setup through is also known by many other names such as a manual method or NETGEAR Genie smart setup. But this is not the only method to launch a new extender setup in case of NETGEAR extender.

NETGEAR has provided you with three options to set up a new extender in your network. These are:

  1. Using installation CD
  2. Using NETGEAR’s local webpage, i.e. This method is known as the manual method
  3. Using Wi-Fi protected Setup(WPS) method.

It solely depends on you and your network conditions that by which method you set up your new NETGEAR extender.

But as the question pertains, we will limit our discussion with the manual method.

This method is named as a manual method because in this method user is required to perform various steps of setting up the extender, manually.

Whereas if we talk about the WPS method, only by pressing the WPS button on both the home router and NETGEAR extender, your new extender setup gets completed.

Advantages and disadvantages of Manual method

  • One prime advantage with the manual method is that you can use this method to set up your extender in any network setup. It is not confined to a particular type of network settings, which is in case of WPS method.
    WPS method can only be applied in a network where your home router is WPS enabled.
  • During the setup process, you will be provided with an interface using which you can assign new credentials to your extender.
    Whereas in case of WPS method, you will be required to login into local webpage to change extender’s credentials from default one.
  • But one disadvantage associated with this method is that you will be required to perform all the steps manually.

Setup new NETGEAR extender using local webpage is not an ordinary webpage but is a local webpage provided by NETGEAR to set up a NETGEAR extender in your network.
So you will be able to access this local webpage only if your device is connected with NETGEAR extender’s network. In case otherwise, you will get an error message.

Although we will list out various steps in the following section but broadly the steps, include, establishing the connection of a device with extender network and then launch webpage on that device. By following the on-screen instruction, you will be able to complete the setup process.

It shows how logical the setup process is.
After having broad overview let’s dig deep into steps involved for the same

Step 1

Before initiating the setup process, brought your extender as close to the router as possible. Preferably they should have to be placed in the same room while the setup process is proceeding.

Once the setup gets completed, then you can place this extender at the midway of the home router and the spot where you are facing the issue of weak signal coverage.

Step 2:

Then power on your NETGEAR extender.
Once you power on the extender, you will notice that Power LED will get lit up. Wait until this Power LED turns to be stable.

Step 3:

Take any computer or tablet using which you can set up your extender.
Then establish a connection between your NETGEAR extender and this device, i.e. computer.

You can establish connection either through wired mode, i.e. using Ethernet cable or through the wireless method, i.e. using WiFi signal.

If you want to establish a wired connection, then you will be required to connect Ethernet cable at the Ethernet port of the computer at one end and Ethernet port of the extender at another end. By this, you will notice that Client Link LED on your NETGEAR extender will get lit up. It signifies that a connection between any client device and extender has been established successfully.

Whereas if you are planning to have a wireless connection, then you will be required to go to available Wi-Fi network option under Network and Settings option and here select the network having _EXT as the suffix.

Step 4:

Once the connection between a client device(which we are considering to be a computer) and NETGEAR extender gets established, then launch a web browser on the client device. Here enter in the address bar of the browser.

Step 5:

Now you will be asked to enter credentials to get logged into this mywifiext local webpage.
By default new NETGEAR extender comes with following credentials.
Username: admin
Password: password
Then click on Log in

Step 6

By this new extender setup page will be launched. Here click on New extender setup.

Step 7:

It will prompt you to NETGEAR genie smart setup wizard.
Here you can modify all the network settings as per your requirement.

Step 8

Just follow on-screen instructions and enter required network settings when you are asked for.

Step 9

In the end, you will get confirmation that you had completed a new extender setup using webpage successfully.
It will ask you to register your product with entering email id.
You can do so or can skip it for the future.
That’s it. Your new NETGEAR extender has been successfully setup using this local webpage.
Now put the extender out of Power and place it wherever you want and enjoy seamless connectivity throughout your vicinity.

Want to setup new extender setup, as you know that Netgear wifi range extender setup is a wireless router that used for boost your wifi range for your comfort zone in all devices likes computer , laptop, mobile, IPad and other desirable device. The installation process is not difficult and easy to setup, there are 2 ways to install your extender. Use the WPS methods or the web browser setup guide.

Note: Recommended you that put your router in the same room during the installation to avoid wireless interference. It can be moved to their required location and areas once the installation is completed. For any assistance or problem regarding your netgear extender and router, just call to our online support and get instant solution.


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