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To setup Netgear ex2700 extender

  • Place the extender in the same room as the Wi-Fi router.
  • Make sure that internet connection coming from the router.
  • Plug the extender into an electrical outlet and wait for the Power LED obecome stable.
  • If it does not turn ON, press the On/Off button on the side panel of the extender.
  • Connect a wired computer or any wireless device that has a web browser (wireless computers, smart phones, and tablets) to the EX2700.
  • For wired connection, connect an Ethernet cable on the LAN port of the EXT and the LAN port LED should blink.
  • For wireless connection, look for the wireless network name, NETGEAR_EXT which is unsecured.
  • Once connected, the Device Link LED should illuminate solid green.
  • Launch a web browser. This should take you to NETGEAR genie to help with the installation.
  • • Note: If you do not see NETGEAR genie when you open a browser, type or
  • You will be asked for a User Name and Password. Type admin for the User Name and password for Password.
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